How to Reduce Fading in your Home/Home Office

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Minimize Fading and Increase Comfort

According to the New York Times, in 2017, 43% of all employed Americans work at least partially from home, and that number is steadily rising. Our image of the standard high-rise business office with cubicles is changing fast. Windows in the office have long been a focal point of decor, safety, and sunlight reduction. Windows in the home are just as important. If you have a home office or work near a window in your home, you understand the challenges of constant sunlight that should be boosting your mood and productivity — not working against you.

Sunlight causes issues like migraine-inducing reflective glare, computer monitor glare, and uncomfortable heat build-up, but the sun’s invisible UVA and UVB rays can cause permanent sun fading as well. Materials like wood floors, soft materials, and plastic (like your office tech) are vulnerable to sun damage, and damaged items need to be replaced more frequently. That puts a dent in your home office’s bottom line.

Protect your home office from sun-damage without sacrificing light

While some solutions to sun-fading include rugs and curtains, these are imperfect solutions that sacrifice what you love about your home office: the natural light! Is there a better way to protect your office from the sun’s damaging rays?

Yes! UV-blocking solar window film does exactly that. Window films — like those offered by ABC Sun Control — protect your belongings by blocking 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which is responsible for 40% of sun-fading. Depending on their tint, our films also cut 75% of the sun’s heat and light, which adds another layer of protection to your home office. Window films don’t change the look of your windows -- they only enhance the performance!

Solar-control window film cuts office heat

Window films help your home office in other ways: they cut reflective outside glare and inside glare on monitors, and they reduce heat by blocking sunlight entering the office. Reducing your office’s AC needs is the best way to save money and stay comfortable all day long, and you’ll never worry about glare that reduces productivity.

ABC Sun Control is ready to help protect your office’s technology from sun fading while also making your space cooler and glare-free. Contact us today to learn more about our process and how you can save your home business money!