5 Ways to Create Privacy in Exam Rooms

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How to Ensure Privacy in the Medical Field

The medical profession relies on building trust with patients and a lot of this trust is rooted in privacy, especially in exam rooms. No one wants to feel exposed and an impersonal atmosphere can leave patients feeling out-of-place and unwelcome. How can we make exam rooms more private? ABC Sun Control offers the best solutions to create privacy in exam rooms, and they’re affordable, too. Read on!

Distraction patterns

Distraction pattern film is the unsung hero of room privacy, as it is an easy and flexible way to add privacy. Choose from a variety of patterns to suit your office’s decor, including classic, geometric, and Asian-inspired design, dots, stripes, and more. The subtle patterns of our films help our brains identify the ordinary bare glass window as a distinct space, so we see the pattern and not what’s going on inside.

Opaque films

Opaque window film is perfect if you need more than just a cool pattern: you need total privacy both ways. Our opaque films are available in white, black, and colours like blue and bronze. You can also install a frost window film if you are looking for opaque, but classy as well. Opaque films are great if you are looking to completely close in your exam room.

Custom graphics

Beyond standard window patterns, custom graphics can also lend privacy to your medical office rooms while providing information to patients. ABC Sun Control can easily create custom logos, room number decals, hours of operation, and more that make your office easier to get around in.

Wall Murals

Privacy isn’t just windows and doors — privacy starts with a patient feeling welcome and at ease in your office. Many exam rooms are flat and boring, but did you know you can also use vibrant graphic film to spruce up your walls? We can design and print your custom wall mural graphics all in-house. Boost your patients’ moods and help them feel more at home.

One-way mirror films

The last film option is maybe the coolest: one-way mirror film. This film lets you see out of the exam room windows while preventing outsiders from seeing inside — it’s perfect if you need total privacy but you still want the ability to see outside. This is ideal in exam rooms as people on the outside looking in, will only see a reflective mirror. This still allows patients on the inside the ability to see out and not feel like they are in a cold room with no windows.

Making exam rooms more private is easy

As you’ve seen, ABC Sun Control makes it easy to enhance your exam rooms’ privacy. Call us today to make your medical office more comfortable and private.