Window Film Privacy Options for Commercial and Residential Windows

ABC Sun Control, Inc. offers wide-ranging window film privacy options for home and commercial windows. We install Fasara 3M window film products that are stylish, yet cost-effective alternatives to the conventional window coverings. The 3M window film ensures privacy from prying eyes, even as it lets in natural sunlight without the dangerous UV radiation.

Our window film privacy options include 3M window film in Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns. Based on repetitive recreation of one of the most basic design elements, a ‘dot’, Fasara Prism / Dot patterns ensure effective window film privacy.

To make sure that you get your desired window film privacy, we focus on using

  • High-quality window film

  • Trained window film installers

  • Top-grade adhesives and other accessories

The 3M window film comes in several Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns. You can take your pick to tailor the window film privacy as per your requirement.


You must consider 3M window film in Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns if you are interested in commercial window film privacy. The 3M window film designs work wonderfully for any application in an office space.

Whether window film privacy in required in a mid-size office or a large corporate building, 3M window film in Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns is ideally-suited for the job.

Call us today for 3M window film installation on your conference room door, office partitions and more. Watch your business's bottom line improve as

  • Window film privacy stops employees from feeling vulnerable

  • Window film privacy increases employee's comfort and reduces distractions

  • Window film privacy promotes honest workplace interactions


The charm of 3M window film in Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns lies in the fact that these designs create a vintage atmosphere. Different Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns are made from prisms and dots of different sizes to reproduce a traditional design that is reminiscent of the 50's.

The beautiful effect generated by the Fabric Prism / Dot Patterns makes these 3M window film products perfect for creating decorative windows. When you call us to install window films in Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns on your windows, you can look forward to

  • Soft and warm interiors

  • Elegant living or working space

  • Enhanced property value

Come to ABC Sun Control, Inc. to know more about the window film privacy options we offer with 3M window film in Fasara Prism / Dot Patterns. Call 800-488-5099.