Window Privacy Film Installations for Commercial and Residential Windows

Windows are an essential architectural feature that offers a welcome break from the monotonous wide expanse of walls. However, they also create privacy issues.

Window privacy film is a great solution for obscuring the outsiders view of your interiors. Window privacy film also blocks solar heat, glare and UV radiation, while allowing in enough natural light. You can easily enjoy the outdoor view even with window privacy film installed on your windows.

At ABC Sun Control, Inc. we specialize in window privacy film installation. We are an authorized 3M window film dealer. We offer 3M window privacy film installation for all commercial and residential applications, including

  • Exterior windows

  • Shower enclosures

  • Glass cabinet/room doors

  • Office partitions


People at all hierarchal levels demand an adequately private working space. 3M window film works ideally for improving workplace privacy. 3M window film on window partitions and other glass surfaces allows everyone to work comfortably without feeling like they are on display.

We meet your window privacy film needs with

  • High-quality, low-cost 3M window film

  • Durable, yet easy to remove/replace 3M window film

  • Seamless window privacy film installation

We offer 3M window film in Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns for the discerning commercial property or business owners who want window privacy film with a unique touch of elegance. With 3M window film in Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns installed on glass windows or doors, your offices and conference rooms get the much-needed privacy but without acquiring a boring or too serious look.


Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns in 3M window film make for a very distinctive window privacy film. Transforming the glass surfaces dramatically, the Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns create decorative and sophisticated windows.

The creative possibilities for window privacy film are numerous with the Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns. We can install this dynamic range of 3M window film for defining your interior spaces clearly as well as for altering the exterior glass surfaces significantly.

To enhance your options, we offer a choice of

  • Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns with horizontal or vertical stripes

  • Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns with lines of varying thickness

  • Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns with strips in different colors density

Take a look at 3M window film in Fasara Stripe / Line Patterns available with ABC Sun Control, Inc. Call 800-488-5099 to discuss your window privacy film installation project.