Window Tinting Films for Sun Control

Since 1976, ABC Sun Control, Inc. has dedicatedly itself to meeting residential and commercial needs for sun control window tinting films.

It is amazing how thin solar film window coverings can result in incredible benefits for any home or business place as

  • Window tinting films reduce solar heat entering through windows
  • Window tinting films reduce uncomfortable glare from excessive sunlight
  • Window tinting films prevent furniture/furnishing fading from UV light
  • Window tinting films stop skin cancer threat from daily exposure to UV rays

We help our customers enjoy optimum value from their sun control window coverings by selling and installing high-quality window tinting film by 3M. By rejecting up to 99.9% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays and up to 97% of its heat-producing infrared light, our window tinting film ensures comfortable interiors and significant energy-savings for our customers.


While we offer solar window tinting films that keep the sun out, we also provide 3M film window coverings that block out prying eyes.

Glass installations make beautiful additions in residential and commercial settings. However, they can hamper privacy. 3M privacy film window coverings resolve the issue perfectly. Our solutions include

  • Window coverings for bathroom windows
  • Window coverings for exterior doors
  • Window coverings for conference room doors
  • Window coverings for glass cabin partitions

These window coverings let in ambient light, but diffuse it to obstruct the view through the glass windows/doors


Besides installing sun control window tinting films and privacy window coverings, we offer decorative window film products. Come to us for exquisite 3M decorative window film that can be installed on residential or commercial windows and other glass surfaces. These window tinting films replicate sandblasted or etched-glass look, but at much more budget-friendly prices.

We carry 3M decorative window film in a variety of designs to suit different aesthetic preferences. The wide-ranging options available with us include

  • Dusted Crystal decorative window film
  • Frosted Crystal decorative window film
  • Decorative window film in Fasara Frost Mat Patterns
  • Decorative window film in Fasara Prism/Dot Patterns
  • Decorative window film in Fasara Stripe/Line Patterns
  • Decorative window film in Fasara Fabric Patterns

Come on; transform your dull glass surfaces into works of art! Call us today for decorative window film installation.

Contact ABC Sun Control, Inc. for 3M window tinting films for sun control and window coverings for providing privacy. We also offer 3M decorative window film installation. Call 800-488-5099.