Solar Window Film for Residential and Commercial Windows

Solar window film has become quite a well-known and popularly-used product. Home and business owners get solar window film installed on their property's windows to

  • Reduce solar heat penetration into the building

  • Eliminate ‘hot spots near windows

  • Stop uncomfortable glare caused by sunlight

ABC Sun Control, Inc. offers 3M window tint films for meeting residential and commercial solar window film installation needs. Calling us assures you of one of the finest solar window film products on the market along with fast, yet flawless, detail-oriented and professional solar window film installation services.


Getting 3M window tint film installed on your home or business place windows is a wonderful property improvement idea. Installation of this high-quality solar window film is a one-time investment that delivers consistent returns for years to come.

The benefits coming from treating windows with 3M window tint application are many. The solar window film saves you considerable money on cooling & heating expenses. 3M window tint film blocks UV sunrays to ensure improve comfort and health protection for your family/employees. Moreover,

  • 3M window tint film on windows allows you optimal use of the property

  • 3M window tint installation gives your property a neat, aesthetically appealing look

  • Windows with 3M window tint film application boost your property's value

You can enjoy an additional benefit from 3M window tint film when you choose one from the Ultra Prestige Collection. 3M Ultra Prestige Collection solar window film comes with built-in safety features.


3M window tint Ultra Prestige Collection films offer unmatched on-angle sun control. Ultra Prestige Collection films

  • Reject 60% of the sun's heat

  • Reject 97% of the sun's infrared light

  • Reject 99.9% of UV rays

  • Allow 50-70% natural light to go inside

The uniqueness of 3M window tint films from the Ultra Prestige Collection lies in the fact that they offer much more than what a typical solar window film does. 3M Ultra Prestige Collection comprises specialty solar window film products.

First of their kind, 3M window tint films from the Ultra Prestige Collection offer a combination of sun control and security features.

While the Ultra Prestige Collection window films stops solar heat at the window, they also provide protection against smash-and-grab intruders and severe weather impact.

Call ABC Sun Control, Inc. at 800-488-5099 to install 3M Ultra Prestige Collection window film when you want solar window film with safety benefits.