Solar Film Installations for Residential and Commercial Windows

Excessive exposure to sunlight can create problems. It is important to manage the amount of sunlight entering a room. There are options like curtains and blinds, but these need constant adjustment. Solar film is a much more convenient and efficient sun control solution. Once installed, a solar film keeps working year after year without hassling you in the least.

If you want solar film installed on your residential or commercial windows, call ABC Sun Control, Inc. We cater to solar film installation needs with 3M window tint film. And, we supplement the industry-leading products with installation services that are

  • Quick

  • Seamless

  • Professional, yet friendly


Having a 3M solar film on the windows of any building is beneficial in several ways

  • 3M window tint film improves occupant comfort by reducing heat and glare

  • 3M window tint film helps make substantial savings on energy costs

  • 3M window tint film prevents fading of furnishings

  • 3M window tint film creates healthier interior environment

  • 3M window tint film enhances household or workplace efficiency

  • 3M window tint film improves building's exterior appearance

So, call us today for installing sun control 3M window tint film on your home and business windows if you wish to optimize your family and work life. To give you a high-performing solar film that offers lasting value, we can install 3M window tint film from the Prestige Collection.


3M Prestige Collection window films exhibit superior sun control performance that not many solar film products can match. The Prestige Collection films offer

  • Heat rejection all through the day

  • Lower-than-glass reflectivity

  • High optical clarity

A solar film is installed primarily for preventing heated and faded interiors. 3M Prestige Collection window films do this exceptionally well. Prestige Collection films reject 97% infrared heat from the sun and 99.9% of its harmful UV rays. Unlike most other solar films, 3M Prestige Collection solar film works effectively even during the day's hottest periods, not just at sunrise and sunset when it is relatively cool.

Prestige Collection films do not have mirror-like reflectivity that is the bane of any traditional solar film. An added advantage of 3M window tint films from the Prestige Collection is that they are non-metalized and therefore, don't corrode or hamper mobile phone signals.

Get the finest in solar film installation. Get 3M Prestige Collection window film installed by ABC Sun Control, Inc. Call 800-488-5099.