3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film Produces More Natural Light

An assessment conducted by a GPG program that helps GSA meet its sustainability goals and investment decisions for energy-use reduction demonstrated a 27% average lighting energy savings from daylight harvesting.

Natural light is free and employees tend to prefer it! However, sunlight can create hot spots that are uncomfortable and create harsh glare on computer screens that is visually uncomfortable.

A simple solution for maximizing the presence of natural light while also controlling glare is provided by daylight redirecting window film that can potentially increase the day-lighting zone in a perimeter space up to threefold.

By definition, daylight redirecting window film redirects daylight entering the upper portion of windows to the ceiling where it is reflected and diffused deeper into interior workspaces. This means:

  • Enhancement of distribution and availability of natural light in buildings

  • Potential to increase the day-lighting zones in a perimeter space up to 3 times

  • Reduction in glare

While every building structure is different, with factors affecting day-lighting performance such as design of building, time of day and year, weather, location and orientation, the use of software 3M™ window film can be modeled and evaluated to determine how it will perform for your facility.

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The use of daylight redirecting window film systems with vertical windows has the potential to offset lighting energy use, thereby reducing dependence on electric lighting.

It is now well understood that with the installation of 3M™ daylight redirecting film, business and commercial building owners can expect energy savings, increased building values, greater visual comfort especially for those using computer screens, and improved productivity from employees.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film utilizes micro-replication to redirect light that would normally hit the floor a few feet from the window up to the ceiling allowing light into the room as deep as 40 feet from the window.

When compared with existing light reflecting strategies, 3M™ daylight redirecting film is easily integrated into new or existing windows with no additional hardware or infrastructure. In addition, daylight redirecting window film provides:

  • Reduced dependence on electrical lighting

  • Up to 52% lighting energy savings compared to baseline usage

  • Reduced glare and discomfort caused by direct sunlight

  • Cost effective retrofit

  • Increase in occupant satisfaction

  • As much as 80% of light redirected up onto the ceiling

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In addition to the many advantages of daylight redirecting window film, such as a reduction in your lighting energy usage and dependence on artificial lighting, these are some of the reasons to choose us for 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film installation:

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