5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your New Office Space

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Customize the Look of Your Space

For businesses, moving into a new office that has bare walls, architecture, open space and windows, provides a new canvas for new ideas. Most of all, you want to make your customers comfortable and give your employees a pleasant work space.

Need ideas for how to fill bare walls? Some decorating options include drapery, paintings, vases, rugs, and signs. While these options might have been the norm a few years ago, today, window and vinyl film provide modern, affordable, and space-saving ways to bring your new office to life.  We’ve collected 5 ways to keep your office modern and fresh.

  1. Custom logos

Boost your office’s name recognition with custom logos. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a logo designed already, ABS Sun Control’s creative in-house team will help you create, print, and install the perfect logo for your office. Our logos can be applied to glass, door, or wall surfaces.

2. Custom graphics

Custom graphics can be as creative or as sleek as you like — the possibilities are endless! If you need inspirational flair, custom word wall art is for you. Word art is a simple and trendy way to establish your company’s personality, and it’s easy to install on walls and windows. Beyond wall art, labels for rooms, hours of operation, and more can all be created and installed quickly.

3. Wall mural

If you need more than just words or labels, then you need wall murals. With custom wall murals, a truly unique office experience is affordable and easy to achieve. Our team will help you bring your vision into reality with state-of-the-art technology for creating, printing, and installing any kind of artwork you need. Transform your office from bland to bold in just a few simple steps.

4. Distraction pattern

Distraction pattern film can be applied to your interior glass surfaces to provide boundaries and privacy while also enhancing focus and safety. We offer a wide variety of patterns from classic to modern to geometric. Small touches like stripes, boxes, and frosting make big impacts on your office’s look and comfort.

5. Building wrap

Our building wraps can completely change the look of an office building. We tint your windows, cover the spandrel glass with vinyl, and paint the mullions. Additionally, our window tints also enhance your windows’ performance, saving you thousands in cooling costs every year. Choose your color palette and enjoy a totally fresh building look.

ABC Sun Control Window Film

Updating your office space with a fresh and modern look is easy. Define your brand. Inspire your clients. Use your wall murals for advertising. Boost productivity. Make your building stand out. Contact ABC Sun Control to transform your business today.