How to Reduce Hospital Energy Bills

solar window tinting

Managing Energy Costs in Hospitals

Hospitals are some of the most prominent buildings in a city, as most are multi-level. Every one of those building stories has windows that are designed specifically to let in tons of natural light and views to boost patient morale and save energy on interior lighting.

Unfortunately, those windows can also cost hospitals thousands every year in cooling costs by letting sunlight inside. Heat builds throughout the day, making patients and nurses uncomfortable. Technology and machinery, too, don’t perform as well in warm rooms.

How can a hospital fight the heat?

The most common ways to combat the heat is to close the blinds and turn on the AC. Drapes darken rooms and take up space that could be used for medical equipment and improving patient comfort. If a hospital is in a sunny climate, they’re using their AC nearly year round. And as we all know, using the AC is one of the biggest annual expenses for homes, businesses, and hospitals all over the country.

Clearly, using the AC isn’t the most energy or cost efficient way to keep cool. It’s also an extra expense that is passed onto patients and their families. This needless expense can be easily and affordably alleviated with heat-reducing solar window film.

Heat-reducing solar control window film saves money

How does window film help hospitals save money on cooling costs? As we saw earlier, glass windows let the sun’s light through to the inside. With that light comes invisible UVA and UVB rays. Just like a parked car in the heat, sunlight and UV rays can’t exit through that glass and so the heat builds.

Window film reduces the heat by preventing the sun’s light and UV rays from entering the building at all by reflecting them from the outside. In fact, solar control window film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays and over 75% of the sun’s light. This cooler rooms and reduced AC bills for hospitals, so they can put that money towards patient care.

Our window films also prevent sun fading of vulnerable materials like plastic, rubber, hard floors, and more. They also reduce painful sun glare, which can make patients uncomfortable and computer monitors harder to use during the day.

If you want to save money on your hospital’s energy bill every month, ABC Sun Control is ready and waiting to make your building more energy efficient and comfortable for nurses and patients, too. Contact us to learn more!