Need to Temporarily Hide an Area that is Under Construction?

storefront window graphics

Distract from ugly construction zones!

In the business world, office expansion and construction are usually good... except when they distract from your brand and vision. Or maybe the construction isn’t distracting but you want to take advantage of the blank wall and window space to advertise your business, or keep the expansion a surprise. It’d be great to put that empty canvas to good use!

Window film is an easy way to advertise your business while you expand

An easy way to take advantage of unused construction wall space is to install custom graphics or window film. You might wonder, though, “what even is a custom graphic?” Simply put, custom graphics are a vinyl film that display vibrant graphics or cut designs. These graphic designs range from colorful statement artwork to your business’s logo.

Do you want your employees to work on the new space in secret without attracting attention? Cover up those windows with a blackout window film so that the surprise won’t be ruined. Or maybe you want to advertise your business’s opening day, or you’re holding a special event or deal to celebrate -- let your customers know by installing graphics on the windows. Perhaps you’re moving into a new area and you want the whole community to know who you are -- window film is an easy way to attract future customers.

Window film is stress-free

Graphic film from ABC Sun Control is easy to install and remove. We measure your space for a perfect and professional fit without visible film edges. Transform your windows or walls in a single day. It’s also affordable with a big advertising pay-off!

Window film fits your business’s needs

ABC Sun Control is dedicated to defining your business while also hiding distracting construction. Our creative in-house team will work with you to bring your vision into reality, whether you need custom graphics and logos or just a pre-made design. We specialize in creating custom graphics that lets future customers know what you offer them.