Why Privacy is Key for Upscale Hotel Guests

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Guest privacy is part of the hotel experience

High-profile hotels are the go-to destinations for business people, conference attendees, and celebrities, who may want to protect their privacy. Thankfully, hotels can protect that privacy without sacrificing decor and views.

While hotels are enhancing their guests’ virtual privacy, the hotel itself needs protection, too. Windows are standard for every hotel room, but big windows are like leaving the guest room door open: anyone can see in!

If your guests include those who’d rather not be be seen from the outside, they’ll feel uncomfortable with a “room with a view” that doesn’t protect them from prying eyes.

Conventional window treatments are clumsy

Drapes are a conventional—but also an expensive and clumsy—solution. Hotels work hard to have an updated look, and drapes must be changed if they don’t match new decor.

They’re also high maintenance: they’re bulky and they can rip and fade from the sun. Maintaining hotel room drapes is a continuous chore.

Even worse, they darken the hotel room and block views when they’re drawn. Hotel room privacy shouldn’t be this hard to get!

Privacy window film helps your hotel guests relax

Turns out, your hotel guests won’t need to sacrifice their comfort, views, and relaxation with  the help of privacy window film. Privacy window film from ABC Sun Control will protect your guests all day and all night without bulky drapes. They won’t even notice them!

Our privacy films include tinted films, decorative pattern films, and one-way mirror films. Tinted films come in a range of tints, and they won’t change your windows’ appearance—they only prevent strangers from looking in. Decorative pattern glass films are ideal for lobbies and other common rooms where you need to establish boundaries with style. Finally, one-way mirror films offer superior privacy by coating your glass in reflective film that blocks anyone seeing in while your guests can still see out.

As an added bonus, our films block the sun’s UV rays, light and heat—the primary causes of sun fading and higher cooling costs. Isn’t it great to cut cooling costs and protect your property from sun damage, while also guarding your guests’ privacy?