How Vibrant Wall Graphics Can Improve Patient Outlook

Use of Wall Graphics to Uplift a Space

Typical medical offices and hospitals have neutral walls that are the same in every room, leading to a sterile look and feel. Patients see the same walls day in and day out, and this can be especially hard for children. These days, hospitals are realizing the power of creative wall design to create a welcoming atmosphere, bring joy to patients, and help people get around.

Decorative Window Film


Window films and wall graphics are an affordable way to liven up your medical office. Decorative window films establish boundaries between spaces while giving patients both privacy and something cool to look at. ABC Sun Control offers a variety of decorative films for your office’s needs, from geometric to charming to classic.

Wall Art

Another option is colorful, eye-catching wall art, such as word art or graphic wall murals. Word art is a popular, on-trend way to let your patients and their families know they are in good hands and define your office’s mission to the world.It can also give patients encouraging words to read while they are in your care. 

Wall art also doubles as a navigational guide for people new to your office and builds office culture amongst your employees. Wall art is easy to clean and provides an alternative to bulky decor around the office, so you can use your floor space more effectively. From modern art to brighten the walls of an examination room, to an enchanting playroom for children to let their imaginations run wild, floor-to-ceiling murals have been shown to boost patients’ moods.

Wall Murals

As seen in hospitals around the world, wall murals are an easy way to add color and design to your medical environment. ABC Sun Control’s vinyl films are custom-cut for seamless coverage. Our in-house design team will help you create original artwork, or we can print your premade artwork and install it. We work with you every step of the way.