5 Steps to Prevent Fading


Control Fading In Your Space

The sun is a serious concern for homeowners year-round, as valuable belongings in our homes can suffer permanent sun-fading. Replacing certain items can be annoying, expensive, or even impossible. While the sun’s light and heat both contribute to fading, the primary culprit is invisible UVA/UVB sun rays. While our windows provide us light and views, they also permit the UV rays to pass through. Luckily, there are simple ways to prevent sun-damage! Here are five steps to prevent fading:

1. Use natural fabrics that won’t fade in the sun

While synthetic materials are more convenient and less expensive, they are more susceptible to sun-fading as they are softer and made with synthetic dyes. Synthetic carpets, rugs, and furniture are all more at risk because they are stationary and can sit in the direct sun for hours everyday. Items made from natural materials are less likely to be sun-bleached.

2. Rotate rugs

Another option is to protect sensitive areas with rugs. This is especially helpful to protect carpets, furniture, and wood floors. Unlike expensive furniture, rugs are easy to replace and also move around as the sun moves through the day!

3. Blinds/shades

The most common way to protect our belongings from sun-fading is to close the drapes to block the sun completely. This way is convenient and quick, and they can easily be reopened once the sun has passed.

4. Window coverings

Exterior window awnings are yet another way to prevent sun-fading. They are especially convenient because they both block the direct sun while also letting you see out your windows.

Solar Control Window Film

Additionally, any of these efforts can be combined with solar control window film. Window film from ABC Sun Control should be your first line of defense against sun-damage, as our films do more than block 75% of the sun’s light: they also block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. That way, your curtains and rugs don’t need to work as hard. Additionally, our window films won’t block your views, they always match your decor, and they are low-maintenance! Used in conjunction with other solutions like shades and rugs. Solar control window film offers long-term peace of mind and protection for your belongings.