How to Maintain Window Views While Still Having Privacy 

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You Want Views and Privacy  

Windows are a major focal point in our homes, as they let in natural light and enhance scenic views, no matter your location. They also can hinder our privacy, leaving us exposed to those around us, from neighbors to strangers. Certain rooms like bedrooms are the last place you want to leave open to prying eyes, but getting rid of views all together isn't the most appealing option either. 

Importance of Privacy in Homes

Your personal privacy isn’t the only concern, either. If you work or go on vacation, your belongings are exposed all day and night to anyone who can just break the window and get in, and in an instant your life changes. To make our homes more private we hang drapes, or plant hedges outside. While these are simple solutions, they have one major drawback: they block our views. If you can’t see out your window, what’s the point of having them? Wouldn’t it be great to not choose between beautiful views and privacy?

ABC Sun Control’s Privacy Window Film

With privacy window film from ABC Sun Control, you can keep both your privacy and your views. Privacy film is the easiest and one of the most affordable ways to make your home more private. Our films are a bulk-free, maintenance-free alternative to clumsy drapes and they never block light or views. Our tinted films turn your windows into security barriers without changing their overall look or feel. Our tinted films come in a variety of tint shades, if you want more than just tint, we also offer one-way mirror films that let you see out but won’t let others see in.

Additionally, all of our films block 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, which is the primary cause of permanent sun damage and fading in the home. They also block over 75% of the sun’s heat, which keeps your home cool while lowering your electric bill and keeping your family life private and secure all day long.