10 Things A Start-Up Business Owner Doesn't Know About Window Film

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Tips for Start-Up Business Owners

Beautiful windows are an easy way to advertise a new business, but they can be costly and uncomfortable by letting in the sun’s heat and painful sun glare. On the other hand, you might want to use your windows for branding, or need to redecorate or add privacy. ABC Sun Control has collected ten different ways window film can help your business launch smoothly.

  1. Removable

Window film is easily removed. Window blinds and awnings damage the walls when they are removed, but window film can be removed without any permanent marks inside or outside your building.

2. Inexpensive

For heat reduction, window film is an affordable and long-lived investment compared blinds. If you need to brand and decorate your office, you could repaint the entire place and buy lots of decor… or you could just install graphic window film for a fraction of the effort and cost.

3. Easy to install

Window film can be installed in one day with no downtime on your end. The ABC Sun Control team measures your surfaces for a custom fit, and there’s no avoiding freshly-painted walls or cleaning up debris. You’ll get instant relief from sun glare and excessive heat.

4. Different color options

Window film comes several colors and shades to suit your needs. You can choose various tints from clear to limo tint, or opaque black or white, or you can even get a classic color tint like bronze.

5. Graphics and custom logos

It’s easy to put your business’ logo on any window, inside or out. Got a blank wall? Put some eye-catching graphic murals on it. Our creative team will work with you to install logos and amazing graphics anywhere you need them.

6. Reduces energy bills

All of our window films will cut your energy bill on sunny days by blocking 99% of the sun’s invisible UVA and UVB rays, and can reduce up to 75% of the sun’s light entering your building.

7. Multiple surfaces it can be applied to

Our films can be applied to numerous surfaces like glass and smooth walls, giving you a lot of flexibility in how to decorate and define your space.

8. Distraction patterns

Window films aren’t just for blocking the sun! Distraction film can help you focus on work or increase privacy in a medical office, a bank, or a boardroom. Choose solid colors or various patterns to make your space unique.

9. Security film

Window film can also strengthen glass with a flexible coating, making it much harder to break and deterring intruders. It also contains shatter by keeping the glass in tact, which makes glass breakage safer for everyone -- whether it’s natural disasters or criminal activity. You can get it tinted or clear, too.

10. Graffiti film

Finally, graffiti film protects your expensive glass surfaces, which can be ruined with a single scratch. When you want customers to see in but don’t want to worry about damage to your windows, durable graffiti film is a uniquely valuable money-saving choice for start-up businesses. Graffiti film also protects against 99% of UVA and UVB rays.