5 Ways to Prevent Neighbors From Seeing In

Maintain Privacy with Window Film

While we love the windows in our homes, we don’t always love how they leave us exposed to those outside. Whether you want to protect a bathroom, your child’s room, or the belongings in your home, privacy is a major concern. ABC Sun Control offers a variety of affordable and unique window films that can still allow for views while keeping prying eyes out. Our window films block 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, and also block the sun’s heat to keep your home cool. Here are five ways to prevent neighbors from seeing in:

1. Install frost/opaque window film


Frosted and opaque window films offer privacy while also adding an elegant touch to your home. Our frosted window films softly diffuse sunlight, so details can’t be made out. They come ranging opacity and are perfect for windows where views aren’t a top concern but you still want light.

2. Install patterned window film/graphics

ABC Sun Control offers a variety of decorative window film designed to subtly distract the eye while also letting in light and views. Our designs range from geometric and modern to classic and romantic. They create a subconscious boundary between you and the outside world.

3. Install custom graphics

Our custom graphics serve two purposes: they hide what’s inside while also offering eye-catching and vibrant designs for others to look at. From marketing to artistic expression, our in-house design team will help bring your designs from imagination into reality.

4. Blackout 

Our blackout films are ideal for rooms where views are not a concern at all, such as your garage or a room for storage. With blackout window film you will not be able to see out at all and outsiders will be completely blocked from seeing in. Protect your belongings 24/7, whether you are away on vacation or simply at work.

5. Reflective window film

Reflective window film is yet another privacy option from ABC Sun Control . This film lets you see out while others can’t see in due to its higher reflectivity. Keep out glare and sun reflections, too! All of these different window films by Control the Sun give you peace of mind that your family and home is safe at all times.