Why Your New Turf is Burning and How to Fix it


Pros of Artificial Turf

Artificial grass turf is a popular way to have a green lawn without the water expense or time for upkeep that comes with grass. No matter the season, turf grass looks perfect with minimal effort on our part.

Cons of Artificial Turf

Unfortunately, turf grass is not invincible and can easily be ruined on a hot day. When the sun shines on your windows, sunlight reflects off the glass and onto the ground, which places a ton of concentrated solar radiation on your turf grass. While artificial grass turf has a high melting point of around 200*F, the combination of the temperature outside with the magnified rays from reflected windows exceeds that. What happens? Your turf grass melts. Melted turf looks unsightly, is not safe to walk on, is dangerous for your pets, and needs to be replaced. In addition to your turf grass, any other items with plastic parts will melt in the sun’s concentrated rays.

ABC Sun Control Window Film

Since it happens on the outside of your home, closing your blinds won’t help prevent it. You could install exterior awnings to block the sun, but those require upkeep and can obstruct your view. You could plant trees but that takes water and time -- the exact reason you replaced your lawn to begin with!

The easiest solution is to fix the windows themselves without awnings or other physical barriers against the sun. Solar-control window film is the most affordable and low-maintenance way to save your lawn, and anything that sits in your window’s reflection. ABC Sun Control offers the exterior Prestige 70 window film, which is designed to reduce the sun’s reflectivity on the outside of your windows. Prestige 70 window film helps to cut the sun’s reflection while leaving your windows fully visible both ways with just a subtle tint. Our solar control window films also block 99% of UV light entering your home, and require no upkeep to make your yard more comfortable and save you money all day long.