How to Keep your House Cooler During the Summer

Keeping Your House Cool


Living in sunny climates during the summer means our homes turn into ovens every day. Cranking up the AC, living in the dark behind curtains, and miserably sweating out the summer are some options, but our wallets are paying the price.

Why Your House Gets Hot

But why do our homes get warm? It starts with the windows, which are the number one way the sun’s heat enters your home throughout the day. The sun’s radiation passes through glass, but the heat is trapped inside. Just like a car parked in the sun, your home gets hotter and hotter. 

Potential Solutions

There are a number of ways to fight this: we can install exterior awnings, insulate windows with weatherstripping and blackout drapes, and install energy-efficient windows. None of these options are ideal, however. Awnings can get sun-damaged and require maintenance. Weatherstripping and energy-efficient windows don’t really stop the sunlight from entering your home. Blackout drapes block your views and darken rooms, requiring extra energy for lighting on top of using your AC.

Solar Window Film

The best solution is heat-reducing solar window films by ABC Sun Control, which operate by blocking the sunlight from entering your home. Our window films offer a variety of benefits, such as blocking 99% of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays and cutting over 75% of the sun’s light and heat, while offering a maintenance-free, bulk-free alternative that also matches your decor and gives you great views. Your belongings will be safe from permanent sun damage. Window film can even be applied to hard-to-reach or unusual windows. If you want privacy, we offer tinted and reflective window film for your needs. 

Benefits of Solar Window Film

There are other benefits to installing solar-control film: you may qualify for rebates from your local utility companies and you will boost the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) performance of your home. Control the Sun's window films are an affordable alternative to clumsier options, last for years, and effortlessly keep your home comfortable and your family happy all day.