10 Reasons You May Need Window Film


Things are heating up!

Window film can serve several different purposes that most people might not even be aware of. It can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces. It can be applied to many surfaces including windows, doors and walls. Here are 10 different reasons to install window film:

1. Reduce heat while lowering electricity bill 

Summer is a relaxing time spent with family and friends in the sun. Unfortunately, the sun is accompanied by the heat. Air conditioning is one solution, but your wallet is going to suffer. Solar window films provide 99% UV rejection and can prevent up to 79% of heat from entering a space. There are a multitude of different shades to choose from ranging from dark to light and even clear. 

2. Create privacy from neighbors

Neighbors can have many benefits. They can house sit, bring you milk when you run out and even become great friends. However, they don't need to know all of your business all of the time. Installing privacy window film to areas like a bathroom or sliding door can help prevent outsiders from seeing into your home. There are various shades and patterns to choose from to make your space feel personal and comfortable. 

3. Hide construction zones 

Construction zones can be a mess and are often extremely inconvenient. Not to mention they are a sight for sore eyes. Construction zones are only temporary, so why not hide them if you have the opportunity to? Installing a blackout window film will prevent people from seeing into the construction zone at all. No one will even know it's there. When the construction ends, the film can simply be removed.

4. Maintain views without blinds

Blinds are outdated and not necessary anymore. They break easily, block views you worked so hard to get and are difficult to clean. Installing window film will prevent heat from entering, help with fading furniture, prevent against glare and UV, all while maintaining views. It's a win-win situation. 

5. Prevent artificial turf from burning

Going green is becoming very important in today's society. Grass is beautiful but also uses a significant amount of water to maintain. Installing artificial turf has become increasingly popular. It looks like grass and requires no water. However, at certain angles, heat can reflect off of the windows and actually burn the turf. There is an exterior solar window film that can be applied to prevent this from happening. 

6. Distraction patterns 

Glass walls and conference rooms are modern and professional. They also are not very easy to see and therefore cause people to run into them, which can be a safety concern. Installing distraction patterns such as dots, stripes, bands, etc. is a simple way to keep the space looking classy and elegant, while also safe. 

7. Protect glass from graffiti 

Graffiti and etching are actions that are easily repeatable. Storefront windows and doors often get tagged more than once. Replacing glass each time a space gets tagged can get very expensive and is a hassle. Installing graffiti film will protect glass from vandalism. If it gets tagged, the film can be removed and replaced within minutes. It is a much cheaper to replace window film than it is glass. 

8. Upgrade bare walls 

Work environment is very important for employee productivity. Bare white walls are boring and not appealing to look at. Personalizing a space with wall murals, custom graphics and decorative window film is easy and cost effective. Whether it's your favorite beach, destination or quote, you have the ability to choose whatever you want. 

9. Increase safety 

Safety is unfortunately an area that has received a lot of attention lately. Whether it is in a residential or commercial setting, safety should be priority #1. There are several easy things that can be done to improve safety. Security window film is one of them. Installing security window film and it's silicone attachment will keep the glass in tact and not shatter if it gets hit. 

10. Reduce glare  

Not only does the sun create heat, it creates glare as well. Glare gets especially bad in the afternoon and can even prevent employees from being able to see computer screens. Installing certain window films can help reduce the amount of glare that enters a space and can help improve productivity.