5 Different Ways to Spruce Up Bare Walls

Improving Home and Office Space

When we think of decorating our offices, the walls are usually just a backdrop to paintings, desks, flowers, etc. ABC Sun Control’s decorative graphic films are an easy way to add style and creativity to your work space or home with just your walls, in a lot of cool ways. Here are five ways you can spruce up bare walls:

1. Wall Murals:


It’s easy to turn a boring wall into a canvas of your vision with custom wall murals. Wall murals can be bold and artistic or soothing and meditative, depending on the style you want. Our in-house creative team will work with you to create something original, or you can simply send us your artwork for printing and installation. You choose!

2. Acrylic Signs:

Beyond wall murals and custom logos, ABC Sun Control also offers versatile acrylic sign creation. Unlike a logo, your artwork is printed onto an acrylic base and our team installs it on your wall. It’s a 3D, eye-popping way to attract attention with your walls, make your space unique, or work with your company’s logos.

3. Word Art:


Sometimes customers don't want their entire wall to be a graphic or wall mural, but maybe just an inspirational quote or a name. From Etsy to home decor stores, wall word art is an increasingly-popular way to add personality to your home or work space. Our word art decor is cut into film so that your artwork doesn’t take up any space, fall off, or get crooked.

4. Custom Logos/Graphics:

Building your company’s vision is key to helping employees feel like they belong. ABC Sun Control makes it easy to cultivate corporate culture and identity with custom logos and graphics designed just for your business. On the other side, customers will come to associate your logo with your business, so it needs to be distinctive and memorable. We create your custom logo in-house and install it so you can start building your identity as soon as possible.

5. Decorative Window Film:


If your glass windows are boring or distracting, installing decorative window film might be for you. We offer a variety of designs, ranging from elegant stripes and frosting to modern cubes and other geometric designs. Our window films create seamless boundaries in the work space, increase glass safety, reduce distractions, as well as block UV light from the sun and diffuse harsh interior lighting.