Checklist for New Store Owners

The In’s and Out’s of Having Your Own Store

Great, you’re opening a new store! While expanding your audience is fun, focusing on what goes on behind the scenes is just as important. As a small business, we understand your needs so we’ve collected 5 tips on tackling the nitty-gritty details:

  1. Safety/security measures

window film for storefront

For everyone involved, up-to-date security measures and plans are very important. From fire emergencies to natural disasters to violent crime, disaster can happen any time. Create an emergency escape plan, have safety tools within easy—but secured—reach, and increase your windows’ safety with durable security film.

2. Contingency plan for remodeling

Remodeling is tedious but sometimes necessary, and unforeseen circumstances can delay your launch date. Creating a remodeling contingency plan can save you money, time, and major headaches. Keep a short list of backup contractors and project managers in case of emergencies, and arrange regular meetings with your workers so you’re all on the same schedule.

3. Fading protection

Once you’ve built your space, protecting your valuable property from permanent sun damage is crucial to cutting cost and waste. From electronics to flooring to decor, everything is vulnerable to invisible ultraviolet rays from the sun. Install UVA/UVB-blocking window film to cut 99% of that damaging radiation.

4. Heat reduction

Keeping your store cool and comfortable is also important to customer and employee happiness—not to mention blocking the sun’s heat saves you money every month on cooling costs. Keep your windows while cutting costs with solar control window film that blocks 75% of the sun’s heat. Stay comfortable and under budget year round.

5. Employees

Finally, your employees are one of your most important assets. Going the extra mile for employee satisfaction will help you stand out as a manager. Keep a relaxing and fun break room stocked with snacks, maintain an open and honest line of communication, and when you’re hiring, look for the candidates who have the same passion as you do. When you’re all on the same page, your business will really shine. Opening a new office space or store front is a cinch with these easy tips. Contact ABC Sun Control today to learn more about creating your unique and comfortable work environment, starting with your windows.