5 Different Ways Graphic Vinyl Can be Applied

Applying Wall Murals

Do you wish you could cover up ugly paint jobs, outdated wood veneer, crummy brick, or just give customers cool art to admire in unexpected places? And when you think of vinyl wall art, do you assume it only works on super smooth walls, or inside office buildings and homes? Turns out that vinyl wall film can be applied to a variety of surfaces to hide flaws anywhere. As an added bonus, ABC Sun Control will brainstorm any visual designs you can imagine! Even if you have your own designs already, we can print that, too. Here are five different surfaces wall vinyl can be applied to:

  1. Exterior brick walls

Custom wall mural.jpg

While brick walls work in some decor, when you want to change up a building’s look, replacing that brick can be a major headache, if not downright impossible. Not to mention, it’s hard to paint brick when it’s old and neglected. But covering it up with vinyl wall film is an easy solution that’s done in a day, and you’re left with a new wall full of amazing art.

2. Parking garages

Make a statement with all of the empty concrete wall space by decorating it with wall murals! Whether you need to mask the concrete, stand out with cool art, provide directions for visitors, or just want to let your advertisers make some money, you can do it all with vinyl mural art.

3. Elevators

Wall murals for elevators.jpg

From shopping malls to hotels to office buildings, elevators are a quick way to get around, but those vaguely reflective metal walls get a little old. Why not spice them up with some eye-catching wall art? Turn the walls and doors into ad space, maps, or just create atmosphere for an overall cool experience.

4. Wood walls

Around our homes, wood walls are a popular decor option. Whether your walls are real or veneer, vinyl wall art will stick to them. Need a quick redecoration for a party? Put up some wall art for a new look. Has the wood seen better days? Don’t worry about tearing it out and just cover it up for a painless project and new space.

5. Carpets and floors

Graphics for floors.jpg

Finally, the most unexpected place to find vinyl murals is the floor! From carpets to hard floors, we can change up your room with cool artwork for any occasion. This is perfect for a holiday party or even a game room where you need an immersive experience! Don’t let all of that unused space go to waste! Talk to ABC Sun Control today about transforming any surface with the coolest artwork you can imagine.