How To Increase Productivity With a More Comfortable Home Office

Increase BOTH Productivity and Comfort!

With millions of Americans working from home, the future is in telecommuting. Whether you’re an established remote worker, or heading in that direction, the quality of your office work space is important for productivity. ABC Sun Control has collected a few tips to help you improve your office’s comfort so you can get more done every day:

  1. A good foundation: comfy chair, ergo desk, and private room

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Your office needs a solid foundation for productivity: a high-quality and comfortable chair that’s adjustable, an ergonomic desk, and a private room. Whether you’ve got kids or pets, or just a busy house, your office needs to be a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily home life.

2. Natural lighting… with protected furniture and equipment!

Natural sunlight through windows is one of the best ways to boost the brain and be more productive. Unfortunately, windows also let in annoying sun glare and bright light that washes out your computer monitor. Protect your windows and your belongs from the sun with solar control window film (like we offer at ABC Sun Control) so you’re not pulling the drapes all day to keep the glare away from your monitor. Installing solar window film, allows you to keep your views and privacy, too!

3. Easy access to books and information

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No matter if you’re an artist, a tech support pro, or a writer, you need to keep your tools, books, and other information within close reach. Look for a desk with a built-in bookshelf or lots of handy drawers for tools. Periodically organize your collection so it’s up-to-date and focuses on what you need every day. Clearly label drawers and shelves so you’re not wasting time wondering where your stuff is.

4. Personalize with art

A boring office is a drag—whether it’s at home or far away! Feel more comfortable by personalizing it with artwork. From family pictures to inspirational photography to vibrant colorful artwork, your space can be truly unique. You can also easily boost your productivity with a coherent look that says “business.” Vibrant graphic wall film is a modern and easy way to turn your office into a unique space, and we can design and install it for you.

5. Stay cool and comfortable

solar window film for office

Finally, maintaining a comfortable ambient room temperature is crucial to staying productive. In addition to glare, windows also let in sunlight that heats up the room and makes it harder to focus on work. Cut the heat with solar-control window film to reduce the heat in your room, save money on the AC, and get more done every day. With these tips you’ll increase your remote productivity in no time. Talk to ABC Sun Control about our affordable window and wall art film options to enhance your home office.