Emergency-Proof Your Home or Office

Emergency preparedness.jpg

Security measures for your home and office, always be prepared!

No matter where you live, hazards can pose a threat; whether it’s an earthquake, violent crime, a fire or extreme weather. While it’s impossible to completely prevent emergencies, there are ways to mitigate the damage and loss of life when they do occur. With a little planning ahead, you can be prepared for the worst. Let’s learn more!

Wall and window film is a safe alternative to artwork and drapes

Artwork and drapes are typical ways to decorate homes and offices, but they also pose threats to our safety when they fall off the wall! In disasters like earthquakes, those paintings and curtains came come down on top of you or others, or even block emergency escapes. Vinyl wall film is a safe alternative to artwork that won’t fall down, and window film cuts uncomfortable sunlight so you don’t need drapes.

Create an emergency kit

It goes without saying, but you should always have an emergency kit that’s stocked, up-to-date, and easy to get to. It should include food and water, medical supplies, photocopies of important documents, cash, and anything else you’d need in a crisis. Putting in a little effort now will make a world of difference if there is an emergency later on down the road.

Label emergency plans, tools, or escapes

In addition to an emergency kit, all emergency exits and tools should be clearly labelled and easy to get to in a crisis. Keep your fire extinguisher in plain sight and check it periodically. Label exits and stairs clearly, maybe with safe wall film. Post earthquake response information around your office. Mark areas that must be kept clear at all times. When a hazard strikes, don’t spend time wondering where to find tools and escapes.

Brief everyone on safety measures

Form an emergency response plan. Keep your family or employees briefed on where to go and meet up after the crisis, and make sure everyone has current contact information for each other and also to emergency responders.

Strengthen windows with security film

Windows are great creative focal points, but all of that glass can be dangerous in a hazardous situation. Strengthen your glass windows with durable security film that wraps your fragile glass in flexible film. Film from ABC Sun Control attaches onto the glass and reduce shattering, making your home or office safer when the windows are put under pressure.

Hazard-proofing starts from the ground up

Keeping yourself and your family or crew safe during a disaster starts with small, foundational steps. Talk to ABC Sun Control about protecting your windows and walls with film, so you won’t worry about glass shatter and falling objects. Emergency-proofing isn’t done in a day, but every step you take makes you safer, protects lives and your property.