Creating A Focal Wall for Office Spaces

Customize an office feature wall!

We all know how valuable our office space is, from the floors to the ceilings. Maximizing that space is a top priority, for both your employees and your customers. A big blank wall is never a good use of space, and could easily be turned into an eye-catching focal wall. ABC Sun Control specializes in custom graphic wall art, so we’ve collected some creative focal wall ideas to inspire your next office redecoration project.

Escape to the beach, or anywhere else

Custom graphics.png

Are you stuck in a dry, boring office and just need a moment’s escape? Consider turning that blank wall into a way to escape the doldrums with creativity or beautiful views. Pick a location or piece of artwork that fits both you and your office and is totally opposite of where you are. Combined with matching decor and a candle to boost the mood, you’ll be relaxing all day while you work.

Software company, Epic, is known for its artistically unique work environment, including a hallway decorated like a New York subway, complete with subway seats. While not all of us dream of sitting on a subway to relax, turning focal walls into escape spaces is worth the investment.

Empower with an inspirational word wall

On the other hand, if you want to communicate your core values, take a cue from Pieology and consider a focal wall of inspirational quotes. Who hasn’t studied their iconic quote wall while they’re enjoying tasty pizza? That was straight from their founder’s vision. Go for laughs, positive messages, or even words of praise from the people your company has made an impact on. Let your employees know why they’re there, and let your customers know why they support you.

Hang some super catchy vinyl wall art

custom wall mural.png

Some businesses, like restaurants, need eye-catching art to bring the establishment to the next level. Popular ramen restaurant, Mr. Ramen, in Los Angeles turned a long, boring wall into an incredible piece of art. It’s easy to bring artwork to life with custom graphic art film, and a wall of vinyl film is a great idea because it doesn’t take away any space when space is already at a premium, like in an old LA restaurant. Mr. Ramen could have been yet-another ramen restaurant in Little Tokyo, but the owner took a risk and became a hot spot that people love looking at.

Creativity on every wall

You’ve seen three cool ways to make your office space your own. ABC Sun Control helps businesses define their spaces with unique graphic film and decor options. We can brainstorm, design, print, and install any graphic art you can imagine. Contact us to take your office’s walls to the next level.