Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year With an Awesome New Year's Eve Party!

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Celebrate the New Year right!

New Year’s Eve, the biggest party event of the year, is approaching quickly! Whether you’re reminiscing about the year gone by or looking ahead to all those resolutions, memorable parties are the best way to celebrate. Everyone loves a glamorous, fun party to watch the ball drop at midnight. The team at ABC Sun Control loves a good party, so we’ve gathered our favorite ways to ring in the new year!

To Theme or Not to Theme

Choosing a theme (or not) is the biggest decision you might make for your party. A theme defines your drinks, entertainment, activities, and more, but you also don’t need a theme to pull entertain your guests. If you do want a theme, popular choices include vintage, exotic locales, a black and white ball, or the year in review, and put your own spin on it.

Set the Atmosphere

Whether or not you go with a theme, creating a cool atmosphere is important. You can stop by your local discount decor store to pick up all sorts of NYE decorative items, but you can also take it up a notch. Think about your walls, windows, and floors, and consider getting eye-catching window and wall film that’s created just for your party with unique graphics. ABC Sun Control’s creative team will design an immersive party environment for your entire space.

Killer food and drinks

From classic cocktails to the most popular drinks of the year, great drinks make a great party. You don’t even need a huge selection—just a few that really capture your party along with high-quality ingredients. Food is important too and a potluck is a great way to get a variety of food for everyone to enjoy.

Party activities

Before the ball drops, keep your guests entertained and talking with fun party activities. Games include matching resolutions to the guests who made them, group games like Cards Against Humanity, truth-or-dare, or scavenger hunts. Ice-breaker games like year-in-review card prompts will keep the laughs rolling until midnight.

Music and entertainment

Finally, there’s no party without some great music and entertainment in the background. Whether you’re playing mixes off of Youtube or bringing in a live band, your guests will love listening to awesome tunes tailored to your party. Playing movies in the background is also a great option. Classic NYE-themed films like When Harry Met Sally…, Trading Places, or Holiday Inn really set the seasonal mood. Throwing a fun party is easy with a little planning and imagination. Contact ABC Sun Control to give your party space a face-lift for the big night so you can focus being a great host.