Graphic film makes the ultimate game room experience!

Custom wall graphics

Create the ultimate experience with graphic wall vinyl

With video games and home entertainment becoming part of our lives more and more every day, many people are building dedicated game rooms in their homes for the full experience. While this can seem daunting, creating your own game room is easy. Learn how you can transform your boring old basement or extra bedroom into an awesome new space just for games and entertainment with window and graphic film!

Darken or black-out windows with window film

Video games rely on powerful visuals, and nothing makes it harder to enjoy those great graphics like sun glare and ambient light on the monitor or TV screen! Table-top games also rely on an immersive experience. If your game room has windows, keep the sunlight out with tinted or blackout window films that drastically cut—or totally block—sunlight.

Immersive rooms with floor-to-ceiling wall art

Next, you need art! Posters pinned on the wall is a thing of the past: create dynamic floor-to-ceiling game wall art with graphic vinyl. Create  a race track or build a magician’s laboratory. ABC Sun Control designs any artwork you can imagine, from classic poster collages to an immersive game world to pop-out graphics that bring your room to life.

Transform flooring and carpets with graphic film

Go the extra decor mile with custom flooring, too. Replace that bland carpeting or wood with a forest path, an ancient marble floor, or antique tavern wood. Capture the whole spirit of your game room with this often-overlooked step.

Create game tables

Custom game tables really amp up the experience, but not all of us are master carpenters! For tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, convert any old table with graphic film by creating any game map layout you can imagine.

Easy props with vinyl film

The final touch on any game room is the props. Making game props has never been easier: build or buy the basic model and we will brainstorm vinyl graphic film that transforms a boring old wood board into any prop you need. Let your faction, tribe, or clan be known to all who visit. As you can see, building a game room is super easy and quick. Talk to ABC Sun Control today about your graphic film needs and we’ll start transforming your space today.