Wing Luke Museum Uses 3M Window Film to Protect and Preserve

Wing Luke Museum Uses 3M Window Film to Protect and Preserve 3 The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience is a history museum located in Seattle's Chinatown-International District. They are a Smithsonian Institute affiliate dedicated to engaging the public to explore issues related to the culture, art and history of Asian Pacific Americans. Recently, the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, Washington called ABC Sun Control in to help them combat fading and graffiti with 3M Window Film. After reviewing the concerns and the property, we recommended a 3M Prestige 50 film to help combat the fading of the displays and a 3M Anti-Grafitti AG4 to protect the storefront glass from vandalism.

The benefit to a 3M Window Film such as these is that they provide the required level of protection while virtually being undetectable on the glass. The Prestige 50 film blocks a combination of heat, visible light and UV rays to help protect the displayed pieces from fading. The Anti-Graffiti AG-4 is a sacrificial layer of film placed on the outside of the glass that can be removed if the window is tagged, protecting the underlying window surface. Check out some additional pictures from this project below. We were proud to be called in to help on such a terrific project here is Seattle.

We would be happy to discuss how 3M Prestige Window Films and 3M Anti-Grafitti Window Films can be implemented into your facility and begin helping protect and preserve what is important to you.. If you would like any additional information about these films and the many ways they can be used, Contact ABC Sun Control by calling 800-488-5099 or emailing us at